Foreign Language Syndrome: This Highly Evolved Technology Has Been Uploading Information To Your Brain!

Foreign Language Syndrome:

This is actually not a mental disorder but a strange ability that a person gets normally after a stroke or some sort of a brain injury. For example, after a brain injury, doctors have noticed a phenomenon where some people are able to speak in languages that they have never spoken before. Which means, after the brain damage, their brains automatically create unique neural networks which correspond to the language they are able to speak. We started seeing this condition at the beginning of the 19th century only.  Though doctors/scientists claim that brain damages or traumatic events are the cause behind this, their official explanation contradicts our understanding of memory formation in the brain. In other words, brain damage should not create a massive amount of unique neural networks in our brain for us to enable speaking in a totally different language. This is impossible, the reason for the existence of this phenomenon on Earth is this technology. Following are two incidents:

Case Study A:

“The man was found unconscious in a California motel on August 9. He had with him a duffel bag of exercise clothes, a backpack and tennis rackets. He carried a California identification card and a Social Security card, both identifying him as Jamal Miller. When he woke up in the Cedars-Sinai hospital days later, he had no memory of his past and could only speak in an unknown language. For three days, the puzzle remained complete until a rabbi visiting a friend in a nearby room, identified the tongue as ancient Hebrew and was able to communicate with the poor man.”


Case Study B:

“In April 2012, a 17-year-old Malaysian student involved in a motorbike accident emerged from unconsciousness speaking four new languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indonesian. In what was considered to be an extreme form of this syndrome, the language changed on a daily basis, lasting for several hours at a time.”


In both cases, though scientists are meant to believe such cases are due to brain injuries, this is an erroneous conclusion. These people are victims of this hidden technology. Brain injuries will never help people to learn languages rather it destroys our memories or certain brain functions. The following video should help you understand how memories are being formed.

Memory Hackers:

However, due to the way these cases are coming to surface, scientists and doctors are ending up in false beliefs by contradicting our current understanding of how our brain functions. Let me try to put this into perspective, assume, that you start learning a new language today, assume that this is French and you continuously learn French without stopping for a couple of weeks until you have a considerable understanding of how to speak in French fluently. In this process by simply listening, you stimulate your brain continuously to create certain unique neural networks in your brain and by seeing (written letters) you again stimulate your brain continuously again to create these unique neural networks in your brain. Now at the end of this process assume that you created a neural network in your brain which you can represent by the letter X. Now you are able to speak in French just because of this unique neural network only and this is your memory and this helps you to speak in French. If you damage this neural network, you will lose the ability to speak in French. There could be millions and millions of neural works created in this process. How can an accident or brain damage create this unique neural network enabling you to speak French? Thinking that brain damages could make a person to learn a language is a myth that the medical community is having. It’s impossible. What happens in these cases is that instead of using eyes and ears to stimulate the brain, they directly stimulate the brain using this global satellite grid and create these unique neural networks in human brains that would correspond to the language that they want to upload thus enabling a victim to speak in the language.

In the case of the Malaysian student, they have done a continues stimulation until information related to all these 4 languages are being uploaded by creating neural networks in the victim’s brain. In the case of Jamal Miller, they have erased and/or suppressed neural networks, which correspond to his mother language, stimulated and uploaded information related to ancient Hebrew. This is the only reason why these people are speaking in these languages after waking up from an unconscious state of mind.

This is why they specifically target people who face certain injuries, so while they are in this unconscious state their brains could be stimulated to upload information and creating confusion among doctors. Once you fall for sleep or in case of an abduction, these perpetrators can easily erase memories or upload memories to your brain.


Photo credit: anokarina via Visualhunt /  CC BY-SA

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