The Deceptive Nature Of Synchronicities Sheds Light Into The Gangstalking Phenomenon, Schizophrenia, And Our Delusions!

Have you ever thought that synchronicities could be the cause behind certain delusions in the world? Synchronicities are meaningful events/coincidences. The word “synchronicity” first introduced to the world by Carl Jung due to his own strange experiences. Jung also faced many synchronicities during his lifetime, however, the existence of these synchronicities and even the assumptions that he made to understand the cause were highly controversial. Although these controversies are there, analyzing the experiences of schizophrenics, it’s evident that they are facing an extremely high number of synchronicities during their so-called psychotic episodes. That said, this article will shed some insight into anomalous human experiences that have been mistakenly identified as an illness or symptoms of an illness.

Well, this is my story and I could relate my experience with so many people around the world. It’s just like I had a virtual reality scenario of schizophrenia with psychic and paranormal experiences. According to statistics, there are millions and millions of people who are experiencing various types of mental illnesses throughout the world and 1.1% of them are schizophrenics. Further, the most common symptoms of schizophrenic patients are voice hearing and delusions. Following are some facts about voice hearing only, however, note that not every voice hearer is being labeled as mentally ill.

According to Intervoice “Research shows that around 8% of children and young people hear voices that others don’t” –

Further, some of the common delusions among the people who have been labeled as “Schizophrenics” are that they think they receive messages from the newspapers and TV/Radio, and believe that certain TV show scripts are written for them. They also believe that people around the world know them, that microphones and other listening devices have been installed in their homes to spy on them, and people are using cameras in public locations to monitor them. In addition, they believe people in the streets are negatively talking about them and their friends are also talking about them negatively on social media by sharing posts and making statuses. Further, they believe people in the streets are following them and then that they are receiving harassing emails from worldwide companies, etc. Although the medical community has a strong belief that such beliefs would arise in human minds due to mental illness and these are delusional references, what you are about to hear is a totally different story. I had all these beliefs and I was paranoid too at times because of the way certain abnormal activities got manifested. Therefore, I also had the first-hand experience of a person who has been labeled as mentally ill and so many other extremely weird experiences, however, in my case, without seeking medical help I came out of these delusional beliefs. Technically according to the medical community, this should not happen, however, since I managed to correct my erroneous conclusions without seeking medical help, this concludes that the medical community’s conclusions are false. By saying so, I’m not referring to each and every delusion that human beings are having. The context of this article is specifically addressing the above delusions only. The delusions that human beings are having are complicated to address without using a context since even if I say that “I wrote this article”, that itself could be a delusion if the concept “I” is an illusion created by the mind.

That being said, my experience made me carry out massive research into human experiences and I found out that these beliefs are common in schizophrenics. However, so far I haven’t found another individual who had managed to correct his/her views by critically analyzing his or her experiences in the way I have analyzed. Therefore, this will be a unique case for the medical community and I request you to take this seriously. I cannot use words to express the emotional impact that this can have on a person. This could easily tear down a person’s personality completely. If I never managed to keep a strong will and if I happened to seek medical help, it would have made my situation worse. 

On top of this, I faced strange experiences such as ringing in the ear, the sensation of bugs crawling on my body, tingling sensation on my skin, abnormal smells, abnormal synchronized noises. For example, for certain unique thoughts, an instant noise would generate in my vicinity giving an impression that someone is monitoring. I always seem to look at the watch(es) but the time would always be like 11:11 or 12:12 or some unique time, I faced power and Internet disruptions due to certain thoughts and for certain unique actions.  This happened to me quite often when I get insightful thoughts when researching these phenomena and talking about these experiences with friends. Further, I experienced that people would spontaneously refer to things that were in my mind at that very moment, I had prophetic dreams, my travels times got disrupted with sudden rains (no matter what time that I’m planning to go out, it will rain just a few minutes prior. This happened to a level that I could predict) and I also came across with meaningful signs when browsing the Internet and when I walk in the streets.  

Researching into similar human experiences, I discovered that a massive number of human beings have ended up in getting psychiatric help, therefore, it’s evident that I had a miraculous escape from a danger that would have affected my entire life. Considering my case, I can say that the observed phenomenon clearly showed intelligence, was intelligent enough to trick me again and again due to my continues observation of the phenomenon. I observed very distinct changes of how these phenomena (meaningful events or the synchronicities) got manifested overtime thus it affected my conclusions and made me end up in having different delusions along the way. Overall, these phenomena managed to fool me for almost two years until I managed to fix the trust issues that I had with my friends, that will be discussed later in the article. By fixing the trust issues, I was able to ascertain that an extremely high number of synchronicities were the cause behind my delusions or these erroneous conclusions. Having said that, this anomalous experience gave me enough evidence to identify the existence of an extremely advanced global satellite grid that monitors human beings on Earth using artificial intelligence (AI). It was also evident to me that this grid has a remote neural monitoring interface, an interface that is able to control our perceptions and even control the entire body by selectively activating or suppressing and taking a real-time reading from neural circuits, along with many other capabilities that are beyond belief. 

I’ll try to put this into perspective by giving more details of my experience. I had so many bizarre experiences. Imagine this experience by putting yourself into this scenario as it might help you understand this a bit more clearly. By doing so, here you would understand that depend on the way these synchronicities(meaningful events) get manifested to an observer, an observer would make different erroneous conclusions depend on their knowledge, depending on their beliefs, depend on their critical thinking ability, etc.. therefore, the delusions that would arise in an observer’s mind would be different in each scenario.

My Experience:

I was living in a foreign country when I first started having these abnormal experiences. And in my case, the very first synchronicities started with the friends who lived with me in the same apartment and I had a normal life with them. However, suddenly, the Facebook statuses of these friends, things they post on their Facebook walls, started correlating with my personal life events. Not only that I also observed very distinct but sudden behavioral changes(how they interacted with me and their own activities) in them and this supported my (false)conclusions. I observed this for a couple of months continuously, therefore, I had to conclude that they are talking about me and they are not in good terms with me any longer. So my initial assumption that these are mere coincidences only is no longer exist in my mind anymore. (Today I understand that these are a high number of synchronicities only. Sudden behavioral changes could have been due to certain things that happened to them, however, strangely that again correlated with my life events.)

By continuously observing these synchronicities, I finally ended up in arguing with these friends(mainly one person) thinking that they are negatively talking about me. At this stage, I again started observing strange synchronicities with few more friends who are known to these friends but they were not staying with us in the same apartment. Again due to these high number of synchronicities, I had to conclude now that all these friends are talking about me. However, they always rejected my accusations, yet the synchronicities that I observed tricked me, again and again, to conclude the same thus created a false belief in me. Over a period of I would say 7, 8 months, I observed these strange synchronicities with so many friends who lived in the same city and then I started observing synchronicities with some friends that I met through an Institute a long time ago but they were living in different cities. These synchronicities made me conclude that these friends who stayed with me have spoken to these friends who I got to know from this institute. and I thought perhaps through a mutual friend that I had.

After a years time from meeting these friends for the first time, I relocated myself to another city but I continuously observed these synchronicities taking place on Facebook. However, finally, I thought that it would be better avoid having any type of conversations with these friends due to the negativity and I decided to remove friends who stayed with me in the same apartment and few other friends that I thought who involved.

A few days after I remove them, I again started observing strange synchronicities with a former colleague but he was staying in a different country. Thereafter, it didn’t take time for me to observe synchronicities with few more colleagues. These are again Facebook statuses and the things they shared on their Facebook walls which ended up in my news feed. Here I thought that due to my recent action, these friends are now taking further actions to put me down and now they are contacting more people and getting their support to say negative things to me. These sudden changes were so apparent to me and went beyond to a level that I could consider as a coincidence so I believed that they are intentionally doing this work. I called one of my colleagues and told my story but my colleague knew nothing about it and the synchronicities continued. Then I came back to my country, however, during this period, the emails that I got from Guardian, Microsoft, etc.. also started showing synchronicities, the email headings always correlated with my life events. This made me think that these friends knew some high profile people who work for these companies, and they are getting help from them too to disturb my life. Because of certain activities, I believed people at Forbes, Bloomberg, Facebook, also knew me. Again, these are all due to experiences in a synchronistic manner. Therefore, this is not that I woke up one day and thought that people who work for these companies know me. I concluded this since these synchronicities took place to such an extent, therefore, I couldn’t consider any of these as mere coincidences only. These strange activities didn’t end there, then I observed these synchronicities with so many school friends and finally with my childhood friends too. Over time, this created extreme distress in me.

I also observed that when I contact certain friends and share my story with them, the very next day they would also make statuses that would show correlations to my life events. This made me check their Facebook profiles even to see when they have had posted anything on their walls or updated their statuses for the last time, many occasions, I could not see any activities on their walls too for such a long time, thus gave me more evidence that their being influenced in some way. Therefore, by analyzing this strange influence on my friends, I believed that they somehow get to know my life events but they never liked to directly acknowledge it. And the denial of their involvement made me believe that they are lying. Therefore, the synchronicities are what kept me isolating from society by creating trust issues/misunderstandings.

From my point of view, all my friends are acting almost as psychopaths, since these actions are beyond belief but for them, it’s more like I’m having a mental illness. I was perplexed. This went to an extreme level, therefore, I started questioning the meaning of reality too and I was desperately looking for answers. This shouldn’t happen, it’s like these friends who stayed with me is able to brainwash my close friends. Do they pay my friends? Even if that happens, will my friends agree and participate in this? What happened to their values? Therefore, what methods they employ to get everyone’s support didn’t make sense at all since what I observed is not normal human behavior. The assumptions that I made to understand the phenomena goes against logic, many controversies were there but still, the phenomena tricked me again and again thus created a false belief in me. I stopped talking to so many friends as I could not trust anyone anymore.

Up to this day, I only observed synchronicities through Facebook and my conversations with them (calling applications/messaging applications(chat)). Therefore, I thought that these friends who stayed with me are communicating with my friends, colleagues perhaps by sending messages through Facebook, emails or phone calls. However, I didn’t understand exactly how this communication is taking place. I was just speculating and was trying to come up with a theory that explains my observations. I even thought perhaps they have created a group now, so it would be easy for them to communicate with each other easily. Further, I also thought, perhaps it’s because of this group only, some of my friends participate in this harassment but they still don’t like to reveal anything about the existence of this group to me. That said, even at this stage, I still did not observe synchronicities relating to my thoughts, my activities at home and neither I did observe synchronicities through Radio or TV.

However, one day a Facebook status made by one of my friend’s came on my news feed, correlating to a conversation that I had at home. This didn’t make sense to me at first so I ignored it but then again these new type of synchronicities continued on a daily basis. This made me believe that they have hacked my computer too to listen to my private conversations. I have been in the technology sector for over a decade when this was happening, therefore, I have an understanding of the way how computers could be hacked. Therefore, I took certain precautions to avoid being hacked and all the possibilities to identify me even on the Internet too. After taking all the precautions, this is by considering bios-rootkit attacks too (even if you format a machine, a hacker can still access the machine with such tools), the very next day when I randomly log into the Facebook the very first status that I would see is something similar to “haha, he’s trying to become smarter than us!! And then someone would comment, “that’s funny. lol” and then I would see various similar comments from other friends too. My efforts are in vain, now they are boasting their capabilities through Facebook statuses. I’m so flabbergasted now, how could they possibly hack my laptop? This shouldn’t happen. Then by looking at the comments, I’m beginning to think that all these people (including people who commented for the FB status) are actually involved in this and they all are talking about me, they know me. If not how come such a status is there in the first place? These were my thoughts. That said, no matter what precautions I take the synchronicities still continued. (Today I totally understand what kind of comments people would make for such a status, however seeing such a status just after my activity is what fooled me. Looking back these were again synchronicities only. Of course, when this was happening I didn’t know if these were synchronicities).

I could not find the source and by analyzing everything, I had to conclude that without getting help from ISP’s, software vendors, this is an impossible task. This made me believe that even ISP’s are involved in this. Over time, this experience also gave me false evidence for the existence of microphones in my house. Further, I also researched online to find out whether they are microphones that could capture sounds from distant locations and I here started suspecting the involvement of my neighbors too. I felt uncomfortable talking at home, thinking people are listening to my conversations, some of my neighbors are also (possibly) listening to me. During this time Hotmail delivered their email service without the https facility but Gmail offered the https service for a quite some time now. Due to these anomalous experiences, I didn’t like anyone know my emails, therefore, I checked if I could activate the https facility on my Hotmail email account too, however, this option wasn’t there. It took only a few days for Hotmail to introduce the https facility for their email service after this day. Now I’m thinking whether these friends helped me with this? But if so why? To show me that they still can hack and know the contents of my emails too? From my perspective, this was a quick deployment, so I thought ” wow, they should know some top people at Microsoft to do this and implement this feature so quickly”. I have been using Hotmail for over 5,6 years but this was the first time Hotmail introduced the https feature and I thought it’s because of me (further synchronicities). This should help you understand my life situation, what kind of delusions that I had. I made various assumptions and tested to make sense of this information leak but I still couldn’t identify the source. Later due to certain experiences, I had to cover the camera by thinking that they can see me too through the camera (due to certain synchronicities). When my family members ask the reason behind it, most of the time I avoided giving a direct answer. Therefore, they also observed certain behavioral changes in me and I’m not comfortable enough to address this directly with them, cause this whole thing would look crazy to another person. I also observed certain synchronicities related to the conversations that I had when I was out, when I was in certain locations, therefore, this made me think that my phone has also been hacked. Therefore to make sense of this, I also tried going out without taking my mobile phone, however, the synchronicities continued and certain synchronicities made me conclude that the public cameras are being used to identify my movements. However, is this remotely possible? Well, again those were my thoughts. On certain occasions, I also suspected if mobile phones of my friends also got hacked.

Then on another occasion, I wanted to understand how they communicate with each other (this massive group) and I was thinking whether I could use a social engineering method to hack into a pc so I could monitor the activities remotely. Having this in mind, I understood that the easiest method would be to plant a tool on a friends computer and there was this friend of mine who I thought involved in this unethical act, although he kept on denying it. In the past, I have used his pc many times when I visited him. Therefore, after the tool is being prepared, I went to his house to plant this on his computer, however, to surprise me, the computer never worked that day. Then again later that day when I logged into Facebook, I would see a status similar to “Hahaha, that was funny. He failed again. lol” and then others have been making relevant comments. Strangely, this was the first post that I could see in my news feed and this post was able to convince me that they somehow got to know my action. This strange experience made me conclude that they all are now talking about my action, this is including the people who participated in this harassment from Facebook, Microsoft, Guardian and so many friends around the world. That day I felt so bad about it and I also felt so guilty about my work too. This is not something I would do, however, I had to work on this extreme act just because of my situation. It took a couple of days for me to forget this incident since in my world this incident really happened, it’s an actual experience that I had and so many people around the world knew.

During this time a few more strange things happened to me:

i). I started having a tingling sensation on my body.

ii). I started feeling a sensation where bugs crawling on my skin at times.

iii). I had certain smells but I couldn’t identify the source and technically it shouldn’t be there in my room.

iv). One day after I listen to a song, a clip of this song kept on playing in my head (my internal voice/internal monologue). This clip played again and again in my head and I couldn’t forget no matter what I do. Although the above three experiences didn’t continue much, this strange thing happened to me quite often just to disturb my day.

v). Then this strange event, I woke up one day by having a thought that I had on the previous day. For a couple of days, this same thought came to my mind as soon as I wake up. After a couple of days, I noticed that this same thought is coming to my mind for no reason, therefore, I started wondering how on Earth I have the same thought as soon as I wake up. This shouldn’t happen. I clearly observed that it’s like my thoughts are being replayed, the exact same thought, however, this stopped completely after this day.

vi). No matter what time I wake up, I noticed that the same song goes on the Radio. The Radio is in the kitchen and I usually could hear it from my room. My grandfather always likes to listen to it whilst working and I noticed this after observing this strange phenomenon for a few days only and I thought how that’s even possible. Just after I had this thought, this phenomenon again got changed and now as soon as I get to the kitchen this same song started going on the Radio and it continued for another couple of days. This made me think that even people in some of the Radio stations know me, they also monitor me or they get real-time updates about my activities. Further, I thought there must be microphones in my kitchen too yet I couldn’t identify its location.

Now I started contemplating talking to the friends who stayed with me in the same apartment. During this period Hotmail also changed their signing page with a picture (this page didn’t have any images earlier, just a plain login page) then I started seeing synchronicities with this newly designed signing page too. I faced many but let me mention one important synchronicity that I faced, one day, this page changed its image with an image showing the word “Script”, here, I started wondering why Microsoft used this word since I already observed synchronicities through this page. Within 2, 3 days after this day, I started seeing synchronicities through a drama that goes on the TV. I have been watching this particular drama for some time and I have never noticed any conversations referring to my life events up to very this day. These synchronicities started just after Microsoft changed its login page with this image showing the word “script” and it took another couple of days for me to understand why Microsoft used the word “script” on their login page. However, later it became so apparent for me why Microsoft changed its login page, therefore, I took these experiences as evidence to strengthen my false conclusions.

Hotmail Login Page

These synchronicities that I faced through the TV were related to the conversations that I had at home and also mundane things such as traveling, having a haircut, my eating habits so on and so forth. Further, this script also showed references to the conversations that my family members had in the house and this made me extremely angry towards these friends, scriptwriters and even the actors but then thereafter the synchronicities related to the conversations that my family members had stopped immediately. This observation made me think that they have now decided that it’s not good to mention these conversations that my family members have, therefore, they stopped it. Looking back, I can say that this particular synchronicity stopped based on my thoughts only since I did not verbally say anything related to this incident. I only knew that they stopped since the synchronicities stopped suddenly. I can still recall this particular memory because of the intense anger that I had. If I had met any of these friends/actors, scriptwriters during this time, I would have had a fight. If so this would have convinced anyone that I’m having a mental illness, however, looking back, these are all due to an extremely high number of synchronicities that I faced on a daily basis through various mediums. This created more and more distress in me but then again I wanted to fight back for these unethical acts. There were days that I was pondering in my mind from morning to evening and trying to find a resolution for this. I was thinking why my reality has changed in such a strange way, that I even cannot understand at times due to controversies. Therefore, I was still desperately looking for answers, no one can help me, cause no one can understand my claims, my experiences. However, I also understood that I cannot tackle this situation by having such an angry mind state, it affects my decisions, therefore, I started paying close attention to my emotions more than ever.

But then again this is beyond belief, how they managed to get in touch with scriptwriters/actors? Well, they have contacts at Microsoft, Bloomberg, Youtube, Forbes, etc.. so why not? This was my thought or the assumption that I made to understand these strange experiences. Because of the way these events get manifested, from my perspective, it became apparent that my friends are trying to put me mentally down. In this the same period, I observed synchronicities through Radio stations too. On certain occasions, my grandfather would switch on the Radio at random times and select the right channel so I would listen to the Radio presenter giving references to my life events. Not only that, whilst I’m working on something, I would randomly have thoughts of listening to the Radio, and I turn on the Radio, select the right channel just to hear them talking about me(synchronicities – think about situations where people giving hints). These are very clear observations that I made. I did not see synchronicities just because I listen to the Radio or watch the TV but certain times only. How I’m I getting to know such programs are going in the air and randomly have thoughts to switch on the Radio or the TV and select the right channel, is another mystery that didn’t make sense to me. I’m confused and I did not find any logical explanation even at this stage.

Thereafter, less than two or three weeks later, I started noticing synchronicities related to my thoughts in these TV scripts. This was the first time that I noticed this perhaps due to the high number of synchronicities directly relating to my thoughts and I clearly observed the same phenomenon through Facebook after this day. This created further distress in me since now I cannot even think without all these people getting to know my thoughts and they are from all over the world. These were my thoughts. I immediately started suspecting NSA’s involvement since they should have the highest surveillance capability in the world, so now I’m thinking that even some people who work for the NSA support all my friends just to put me mentally down.

This is not all, now sometimes, I observed certain responses almost in real-time with live TV and Radio presenters. Are they listening to my thoughts in real-time? If so, NSA is now sharing certain platform capabilities with my friends? Since I’m in the technology sector, I wanted to understand the technical side of it, however, I didn’t find a proper logic to explain my observations, but I’m well aware that this is happening to me. I did not observe these real-time responses with dramas but with live programs, it became apparent to me. Actors in dramas also imitated my body postures, gestures even. I can also mention an experience that shows some connection to this. There were situations where people would spontaneously take topics that were in my mind at that very moment and discuss it or make a statement that would correlate with my thoughts. I faced this so many times, beyond to a level that I could consider as a coincidence. Now imagine a scenario where you face this phenomenon with live TV and Radio presenters.

When I started observing this new phenomenon relating my thoughts, I had an interest in knowing its capabilities. Can they really decode my thoughts accurately to that extent? Therefore, to test this hypothesis I thought of a unique number to see if they could decode that too, to surprise me a friend of mine again made a Facebook status, stating the same number which proved me they can. And then on a few more occasions, I tested this, I still observed the same which convinced me that they can. This observation made me think that perhaps they mention what to write in the group that I believed to exist, so a friend of mine would make a Facebook status relating to my thought. I had no other explanation to understand this strange observation and this was the only logical explanation that I could come up with. Therefore, my careful observations proved to me that my thoughts are being accurately decoded and my friends are not trying to hide it either. Thereafter, I also tested if they could see what my eyes are seeing, again I had to make the same conclusion, they can. How about my intentions? I thought perhaps they still cannot know my intentions, however, here I clearly noticed, that they can know my intentions too since synchronicities started manifesting according to my intentions. Due to the way these synchronicities got manifested, I came to an understanding that I cannot fool this system in any way. I observed that it could decode my deepest thoughts at any given time and not only that I had to conclude that this system is able to decode any perception that I could consciously have/aware of. Even though if I do certain things without having an internal monologue(my internal voice related to thoughts) my friends would still know. This should help someone understand that I carried out certain testings as well with regard to my assumptions prior to making a conclusion. And especially when I observed that people were referring to my thoughts, I did a careful analysis just to make sure that this is really happening and later I got fascinated by the technology itself.

This made me research into mind reading technologies but then again further bizarre things started manifesting. One day I was contemplating researching into mind reading technologies and then later that day when I actually started doing my research online, within minutes I faced a power cut. I got a bit scared and I was perplexed. How come that took place, is that a coincidence or are they trying to stop me? And then I observed this strange phenomenon many times regardless of the time that I research. Since I was thinking that NSA holds the technology, I’m beginning to think that they don’t like me doing this research. How come they control me to this level is another thought that came to my mind. And how are they doing these power cuts? Here this strange experience made me conclude that my friends are taking help from the utility companies as well to disturb my activities since that narrative is already being well established in my mind. If not how come? This shouldn’t happen. However, then I called their call center to know what was the reason behind the power cut but then they told me that there was damage to one of the transformers in my area and they are fixing it. And now I’m confused, I thought they have contacts but now I got to know that a transformer was damaged. Are they lying to me? If it’s really damaged what was the cause behind it? Still, this didn’t make sense to me and I still thought that my friends have some contacts here too cause I already believed that so many companies are involved in this harassment. This is not all, then one day when I was planning to research into mind reading technologies in an evening, this time it started raining heavily with thundering and I could not use the computer. Someone would remotely believe this claim of mine, however, let me say this, from this day onwards, this strange phenomenon also started manifesting many times along with sudden disruption to my Internet. Therefore, regardless of the time that I research, I would come across with some disruption. And now I’m thinking perhaps they don’t like to get caught and after all, this mind-reading technology is not known by people around the world, so how can they let this exposed just because they used this to affect my life. Therefore, from my perspective, they are doing their best to avoid this happening. This was the first time, I got to know the existence of the project HAARP, although I believed HAARP was used, deeply researching into this overall experience helped me understand that this was another erroneous conclusion that I had.

Whilst I’m facing these abnormal events, I also started seeing synchronicities related to my life events from a couple of other dramas too and these synchronicities took place to an extent where I could not go in front of the TV during 7.30 to 9 since my family members watch these dramas/shows during this time. I felt intense anger towards my friends, actors, scriptwriters, etc… Therefore, I always avoided this time and then started watching the TV a bit later in the night if I wanted to. During this time new advertisements also started popping up on the TV, strangely these advertisements also showed a correlation to my life events. In other words, these are also synchronicities. This made me believe that even people who work for these companies are now involved. Not only that, there was this channel that was showing a Friday night movie for some time. Now when they are showing the clip related to the upcoming movie, they knew exactly how to trim the clip so the conversation that is in the clip will correlate with my life events. Are they watching the entire movie and finding the exact spot to trim to say something negative to me? I had no explanation about this and I thought they are using software to quickly identify these spots in movies, so they could easily trim it in such a fine way. If not why would they spend this much time to do these silly things? This is not even worth. Again all these assumptions that I made to understand my observations are still controversial, however, I was trying to find the best possible explanation for my observation. Therefore, no matter what my beliefs are, I was still looking for a theory or a logical explanation to understand my observations. I always used logic to understand life, my interaction with the world but my reality is so different now, it doesn’t make sense anymore but I’m holding onto these beliefs due to these synchronicities. Further, my family members and I also got strange phone calls during this period, sometimes no one was on the other side but then at times, people have dialed our numbers mistakenly. At the time of occurring, I didn’t think that those were mistakes, I thought those were deliberate actions, just because of my work. I thought they are taking more help to pressure me since I continued to research.

My recovery:

Finally, after facing all these strange events, I made a decision to directly address the issues. I thought I should contact the friends who stayed with me in the same apartment as soon as possible and talk to them about my experiences. These friends are living in a different country now and I was trying to find contact numbers. Whilst I was trying this, I also thought of meeting friends who are living in my country. I’m making plans now to meet some local friends but now the theme behind the synchronicities got suddenly changed, people shared more posts related to accidents and deaths. Then a few days before I was about to meet this particular friend, I was attacked (because of the way these events manifested I had to call this as an attack) by a high-frequency tone. It was extremely loud, I could hardly bear its effects. The intensity of this sound made me feel like electricity running from my brain to the body but only I could hear it. The sound was mechanical and this is the exact same sound that the American diplomats heard but it was extremely high in my case, let me copy the link:

I did not know what to do, I could not tell this to anyone since this would not make sense to anyone. I couldn’t report to the police either even though I had such thoughts and I had to bear it for an almost a day but then the sound went down to a level that I could bear but still this bothered my day now. How come friends would involve with such an extreme act? I’m clueless but still, I believed they are doing it because of my life events. It was like they are threatening me and it’s more serious than I could possibly think of. But I still decided I should meet friends to discuss this, then I actually managed to meet a friend. This time, this friend that I met seriously tried to help me by listening to my story. We had a long conversation that day and I carefully observed his conversation with me because of the trust issues that I had, how he reacted to me etc.. but this conversation convinced me that he should not know anything happening in my life although I believed otherwise. I was surprised to find out that he didn’t know, however for the first time I managed to find a friend that I could trust. And I knew this friend meet this particular friend that I thought who involve in this harassment. Therefore, through the friend that I managed to trust, I wanted to know what my other friend(the friend that I suspected) would have to say about his involvement. I did not want to directly ask this friend that I suspected since I thought he would still find a reason to hide the truth and avoid telling me the truth. Later that day this friend who I met (the friend that I trust) confirmed to me that not even the friend that I suspected are involved in this. Again now I’m perplexed. How come that be? That said, three of us made a decision to meet and we met and discussed this for perhaps 5, 6+ hours and that convinced me that these two friends are not actually involved. Since I trust them, through them I checked if others know anything happening in my life and I got the same results, my friends are not involved. Basically, I created a chain of trust(clarify the involvement through parties that I trust) and this made me understand that the friends that I thought who involved are actually not involved. They were having their normal lives. However, now this is even more complicated to understand. I have no doubt about my observations, cause I tested my assumptions even again and again.

I started having deep thoughts, how I ended up in having such conclusions? What really happened to me? Why do I see a totally different world view now when I analyze these phenomena from trusted channels? Did someone fool me for such a long time on a daily basis? What could be the purpose and if so how? These events were real, I wasn’t dreaming. To address these controversies I decided to check Facebook walls too. Therefore, I started checking Facebook profiles/ their walls, just to make sure that these Facebook statuses that my friends made and the things they shared on their walls in the past are still there, to surprise me I could still find it. If so did someone hacks their profiles or did they actually made these statuses, is another mystery that didn’t make sense. But even if this is done by hacking Facebook accounts, how can I find a logical reason for all my other observations? What about dreams? What about the synchronicities that I faced with live TV/Radio presenters? What about scripts on TV shows? Emails that I got? News articles? Power cuts, the conversations that I had over calls, etc. Hacking itself cannot explain all the controversies. Having said that I still thought of talking to my friends and wanted to know if they have actually made those statuses in the past and if so what made them do so since this should give clues to understand this mystery. And I called them, there I found out that they have actually made those statuses and shared certain posts. Certain occasions, I found out that they had random thoughts to make a status or share a post on their walls and then on other occasions, they had specific reasons to do so. So it wasn’t hacking at all, they actually had thoughts in their minds related to these actions.

This mystery became so deep then I thought. How come they had these unique thoughts is another mystery that I should address now. To make a status or to share a post, they should have thoughts in their minds and they should make a conscious decision. Even at this point, I cannot take any of these as mere coincidences only, cause, this is beyond what I could consider as a coincidence and this kept on happening for such a long time and I carefully observed it. I tested my assumptions too and observed the reactions prior to making a conclusion. This is why I had to question the meaning of reality too and I was looking for logical answers to this mystery since at times I clearly saw controversies. Therefore, by analyzing all, I had to conclude that their thoughts are being affected in some strange way although they never knew. By affecting their thoughts, their actions are being affected. And that correlated with my life events. However, this is completely invisible to everyone. I also realized that on certain occasions my thoughts are also being affected. For example, there were times I switched on the Radio just to hear them talking about me (the synchronicities). When this happened to me beyond a level that I could consider as a coincidence, I started wondering how on Earth I had thoughts related to switching on the TV or the Radio at these particular times. Therefore, now I had to conclude that even my thoughts had been influenced at times. This unidentified influence on human brains/minds is the cause behind the meaningful events or the synchronicities that I have been observing on a daily basis. My observations and the assumptions that I made to understand these meaningful events (synchronicities) made me end up in having false conclusions. This was the reason behind my delusions. Therefore, finally I started making sense of my reality and now I understand why my friends always rejected my accusations, why they got surprised all the time. Let me list down further experiences supporting this view:

  • There were days that songs kept playing in my head. This was a thought (my internal monologue).
  • There were days that I woke up by having the same thought in my mind or one particular thought got replayed in my mind every morning when I woke up. I was looking for an explanation.
  • I had thoughts of switching on the TV or the Radio just to listen to these conversations and they referred to my thoughts and life events. How did I know to switch on the TV or the Radio? How come I had these thoughts?
  • My grandfather switched on the Radio many times and selected the right Radio channel, and that made me listen to these programs that showed correlations to my life events in their conversations.

All these were extremely puzzling for me at the time of occurring. Didn’t make sense how these events were manifesting but by doing this analysis I understood that my thoughts and my grandfather’s thoughts are being affected too. Even at this stage, I was thinking that NSA is decoding my thoughts, therefore, I started thinking whether they are capable of inducing thoughts to people by stimulating brains? If so what about the thoughts that have come to my friends to make Facebook statuses? What about people on Radio and TV stations? I had to make the same conclusion, their thoughts are also being affected in a mysterious way and this was the reason behind these synchronicities. Not only that I had to make the very same conclusion for the scriptwriters and that their thoughts are also being affected, so the content of the script will show correlations to my life events. Therefore, now I found some logical explanation to understand the observed phenomena, at least a logical theory that I could hold onto, which is that this technology is able to stimulate brains and play games with our perceptions. I had to conclude that our internal monologue is also a perception. Although our minds are not generating these thoughts, by stimulating unique areas of our brains (Wernicke’s / other thought perception areas) could make us believe that we are thinking. Logically thinking, I had to conclude that there are no words in our minds, the mind is using neural networks to perceive these words simply by stimulating the right neural networks that would correspond to the thought perception. This should happen when a particular thought arises in our minds and perhaps this works according to resonance theories. Further, an AI can be trained to handle this process with the right technologies, so the neural networks related to thought perception can be stimulated in a timely manner and our minds will perceive these induced activities as our own thoughts. And this can be used to fool a victim and even exploit their lives without they knowing their being exploited. Of course, we don’t follow all the thoughts that come to our minds but still based on the personality, we can still exploit a human being. For example, inducing a thought to a person who steals, we could influence his actions by targeting a victim, however, inducing such a thought to a person who would never steal would be useless and he/she would start questioning why they randomly have such thoughts in their minds. Which means, extremely advanced AI’s can be used to exploit scriptwriters even when we managed to decode our brain.

What about songs that got stuck in my head? What about dreams? What about the sensations that I had? By analyzing these experiences, I had to conclude that this technology is able to directly stimulate different parts of my brain, precisely so my perceptions can be altered. At this time, I actually started believing that the NSA must have the technology. I can say that it was not my intention to create these synchronicities, neither any of the people who I thought were involved had such intentions yet synchronicities just kept on manifesting just to bring distress to my life. Clearly, these synchronicities are not just random manifestations, it took turns when it cannot find a way to interact with me. When I removed certain friends, these synchronicities started manifesting through friends that were known to me and I remotely thought that this would happen, my thinking was that by removing these friends I could move forward with my life peacefully but I was wrong, the most unexpected thing happened just to surprise me and distress me even more. When I started contemplating on talking with friends who stayed with me to share my experience and understand why they are doing this, it again took a turn to bring me more distress. This was a clear observation that I made. No matter what medium the synchronicities started manifesting, it always manifested to bring distress at the highest level.

Therefore, I held to this conclusion for a couple of months until I started researching into human experiences around the world and I found out that these experiences are going back to the 17th, 18th century even. I also studied to understand what kind of a brain-computer interface could reproduce the observed phenomena and by researching into neuroscience I finally had to conclude that NSA/CIA should not have such a technology, neither any recent inventions can be used to reproduce the observations that I made. Such technology must have the capability to precisely stimulate individual neurons of human brains. This is not easy even if implants are used since that will affect a particular brain area only. Therefore, even theories related to implants cannot be used to reproduce my observations. Although I got to know that people had such views, I had to conclude that those are false conclusions only. With Optogenetics, today we are doing a neuron level brain stimulation but still, these are very basic technologies compare to a technology that could reproduce my observations. Nevertheless, by facing such an extreme situation, I understood the importance of having the right view and I understood that ignoring important data (due to trust issues, seeing as not important, etc..), not being able to understand the available data, not having enough data, will create delusions in our minds.

What are the possible causes behind these synchronicities? Is it that my conscious decisions created these synchronicities?

Due to the high number of synchronicities that I experienced over a long period of time(around 18 to 24 months), it’s clear that thoughts of friends and certain people around the world have been affected. However, this becomes apparent only when we analyze my experience. Without doing this analysis, this influence would be invisible to everyone. That said, I never consciously tried to affect anyone’s thoughts or actions to create these synchronicities, neither I found convincing evidence to claim that my friends and people who I suspected had conscious thoughts to influence me. Therefore, such theories can be disregarded when explaining my observations.

The majority of these synchronicities were related to the past events of mine, it could be a conversation that I had, my past action, a thought that I had, etc.. which means, we can also safely ignore the view that it was my friends unconsciously affected my thoughts and my actions. Since I managed to understand that it was these synchronicities behind my delusions, I cannot agree with theories such as retrocausality either, cause if that’s the case, I wouldn’t be able to come out of these delusions since my recovery would be beyond my control.

If so, did I unconsciously influence the thoughts of my friends and people around the world?

1) By looking at my case, I still couldn’t find a logic whether it would be remotely possible for me to unconsciously influence people who worked at Microsoft, Guarding, Forbes, Bloomberg, Facebook. Further influencing scriptwriters for over 4, 5 months unconsciously is again highly controversial. Watching these shows/dramas, I can say that the people who wrote the scripts had very specific thoughts in their minds that correlated with my activities. Their thoughts have been influenced to such an extent although they had no clue that this has happened. Even if I talk to them directly about this, they would still deny my claims. Having said that, from my perspective it’s clear that, they have written the scripts just like they observed my actions and my thoughts during this period. And the actors managed to imitate my body movements as well and this convinced me more than anything. This is why I couldn’t go in front of the TV. This created so much anger in me. All these are evidence that neither I unconsciously influence human beings on Earth to this extent.

2). I observed these TV scripts just after Microsoft updating it’s signing page with a particular picture showing the word “Script””. This made me believe that some people at Microsoft involved in this harassment. So for me to observe the synchronicities through the scripts, did people at Microsoft influenced the thoughts of the scriptwriters? Again, this cannot be, cause the synchronicities were related to my actions and thoughts. People at Microsoft shouldn’t even know that I had such an experience, if so how come they can influence scriptwriters for such a long time, so the script will show correlations to my life events?

3). Did the scriptwriters unconsciously know my actions and thoughts? This also cannot be since I started seeing synchronicities with Microsoft prior I observing scripts on the TV, directly giving a clue that this is going to happen. That was a timely occurring. Further, they should not know if I exist either. This happened whilst I was facing so many other strange experiences, therefore, logically thinking I had to conclude that their thoughts are being influenced without their knowledge.

4). When I started seeing synchronicities related to the conversations that my family members were having I got intense anger then suddenly those synchronicities stopped. Does that mean my conscious thoughts stopped those synchronicities? That cannot be the cause either, I had no control over these synchronicities. It acted on its own, it made its own decisions. It’s more like I was a victim only. Clearly, those synchronicities stopped just to convince me that scriptwriters get to know my life events, they know me. This event shows decision-making capabilities behind the process which created synchronicities.

Therefore, by analyzing these controversial data, I have to conclude that it was never my mind consciously or unconsciously affected anyone’s thoughts or actions. Neither my friends or people around the world affected my thoughts or actions. Which means, some external process must have influenced thoughts of everyone and this affected everyone’s actions. And this external process clearly used so many people and targeted me when creating these synchronicities. This made me end up in having erroneous conclusions thus created delusions in me. I could mention another observation that I made that should support this view. Sometimes I think in English and sometimes I think in my local language too. Except for the local friends, most of the foreign friends didn’t actually know my language.

i). By looking at the synchronicities, I can also state that when I had thoughts in my local language, people who never knew my language still responded in English. How this synchronicity got manifested if the friend who I had the synchronicity with had no clue of my local language? How his mind would understand this information?

ii). Then again I use my local language when speaking with my family members but still friends who had no clue of my language still responded in English? So the same question, how this synchronicity got manifested if the friend who I had the synchronicity with had no clue of my local language? Therefore by considering all, my mind directly affecting the minds of my friends consciously or unconsciously or minds of people who worked for these companies or even my friends affecting my mind consciously or unconsciously is another controversial proposition.

It’s apparent that our minds are being affected, there’s no controversy on that, however, when we finding the cause behind it, the only logical conclusion that we can hold onto is that it’s due to an external process, it’s not our minds interacting with each other. This external process clearly shows intelligence. Clearly, it has access to our thoughts, it’s interacting with our brains and influencing our minds, our decisions. It also shows that it could intelligently manipulate our perceptions, which means, it should understand human perceptions well.

What can I say about this external process?

1). It acted on its own. My observation of the phenomena showed that it acted like a trickster. Clearly, when it cannot find a way to reach me, it made different decisions to reach me.

2). The phenomena clearly showed decision-making capabilities.

3). It must be able to create these synchronicities with anyone on Earth in complicated ways.

4). Regardless of our languages, it could still create these synchronicities by interacting with our brains/minds, meaning it could decode our languages.

5). It must record our past thoughts/actions and use that data to make decisions in the future.

6). It could stimulate individual neural networks and alter our perception.

Thereafter, I continued my research and I clearly observed that there were times that this intelligence acted instantly. For example when I do my research and whenever I got insightful thoughts, I got sudden calls from my friends/family members, etc.., I got emails, messages from applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, etc.. just to disrupt my thinking and also instantaneous disruption to power continued regardless of where I stayed. Sometimes I forgot my thoughts by reacting to these external events but later I managed to keep my concentration and continued my work. By considering all, can we say that a natural cause behind my experiences? I don’t find convincing evidence to hold onto such a view. These synchronicities occurred, just like it had its own mind and showed me decision-making capabilities again and again. Therefore, today by considering all, I had to conclude that an unidentified mind-boggling technology is behind this and this is artificial intelligence that interacts with our minds.

Let me mention this strange experience also separately:

A few months after I facing strange synchronicities for the first time, one day I literally got floated above my bed at least an inch. One could find this hard to believe but I was awake when this was happening. This happened less than 15 minutes after I go to bed, around 2.30, 3 in the morning. My bed had a plastic covering so it produces this sound when pressure is applied and releases. I was sleeping sideways and suddenly my body started floating. I instantly listened to the sound coming from the mattress whilst watching this just to confirm that this is really happening and now I’m giving close attention to my entire body, I feel less and less pressure coming from the side of the body that touches the mattress, and now I clearly know that certain parts of my body are not touching the mattress at all. I floated at least an inch from the bed stayed there for a few seconds. The total vertical movement must have been more than an inch. I got afraid to move my body and I’m still observing this strange phenomenon but then gradually my body again lowered back to the bed. Again I can now hear the sound of the mattress since my body again started pressing the mattress and I can feel the pressure as my body gradually falling down to the same sleeping position. Even after I go back to the bed, I kept on thinking for a couple of seconds further without moving my body to make sure that this is over. Thereafter, that night I kept on thinking what on Earth happened to me, what could be the reason behind this but I did not find an explanation.

When I was carrying out my research, I found another individual who has been having similar experiences. He has been having this experience for over 4 years and once he has been treated for schizophrenia as well. He believed that there’s a gang who is stalking him and no matter which city he travels he observed these stalkers. By having a call with him, I understood that he was referring to gestures, the things they said or the conversations that he heard, etc.. when he describes his experience. He also believed that his house has been bugged and he thought that’s how these stalkers know him. Based on my experience, I knew that this cannot be true, therefore, I had so many calls with him and explained to him how to look at the phenomena. He kept on arguing with me and claimed that I’m wrong. After 5, 6 months, he finally understood that there are no stalkers and claimed that my explanation was right. Although at that time, I told him that the NSA has the technology, today I know that this is not true either. However, this is my question to the medical community, if I or this individual really had a mental illness or a chemical imbalance, how did we manage to get out of these delusions without seeking medical help? He no longer believes that the stalkers are there in any of the cities, neither he believes that these people have hacked his house. He understood the existence of this phenomena but then again he understood that the other beliefs he had are not actually true. He also started having a normal life. Therefore, not only that I managed to come out of these delusions, I managed to change the belief of another individual, an individual who has been treated for schizophrenia. What is the implication of this? It’s obvious that the observations and the conclusions made by the medical community are also false. What could be the case if I had consulted psychiatric services? 

What can you do if you ever had to conclude that you get messages from TV or Radio? Or if you happened to conclude that people who are living in your city know you? Or people around the world know you? Famous people know you?

Generally, you will have these erroneous conclusions by observing these synchronicities for a long time only. This will not happen overnight. This experience will be so real to you because of the way these synchronicities are manifesting, therefore, you will not listen to others even if they claim that it’s not true or if someone claims that it’s a mental illness. This is not a mental illness as the medical community thinks. You will also find it hard to explain your experience to another person. Try to logically analyze the experience when you are observing these synchronicities on a daily basis and find out logical reasons to understand that these are synchronicities or meaningful events only. Sometimes, people will say things, just like they know you, this again another synchronicity only.

Having said that, one might think that maybe my experience could be totally different than a person who had schizophrenia or human beings who have delusions similar to what I have mentioned above. Prior to these strange experiences, I had no knowledge of schizophrenia, however, since I knew that I cannot be the first person to have these strange experiences, I started researching into human experiences and I found out many similarities between my experience and human beings who are being labeled as having a mental illness.

In summary, I found out that human thoughts are being affected. In other words areas of the brains, related thought perception is being affected and that has affected human actions. This invisible manipulation of thoughts has created synchronicities. My observation of these synchronicities and the false conclusions that I made was the reason behind my delusions. I perceived smells which shouldn’t be there in my room, which means my olfactory cortex has also been affected. I had sensations which I have never experienced in my life, which means, my somatosensory cortex has been affected. I had meaningful dreams, which means, my visual cortex and brain areas related to dreams has been affected. These are the experiences of individuals who believed in Schizophrenia.

Case Study 1). The following example is from the “Psychology Today” website. James Willford is a psychiatrist and his manic episodes have started at the age of 23. This is what he has to say about the synchronicities that he had faced.

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 3.46.39 AM


James has made a unique observation, therefore, he makes the below claim: 

“Through repeated manic episodes he observed that the volume of the patterns entering his awareness and the frequency of the coincidences between those patterns and his surroundings were directly proportional to the intensity of his mania. The more intense the mania, the more synchronicities.”

I can not agree with James more. After correcting my erroneous conclusions and deeply analyzing my past experiences, I could conclude the same. Let me help you understand this. As I explained earlier:

1). First synchronicities started with the friends that I stayed in the same apartment. It was only Facebook statuses/posts they shared.

2). Then synchronicities started occurring with friends who were in the same city.

3). Then friends who were living in different cities and then later friends who were living in different countries.

4). Then synchronicities started occurring through emails that I got. Email headings correlating with my life events.

5). Then I started seeing meaningful dreams as well.

6). Finally, I started seeing synchronicities through TV shows. The scripts of the shows correlated with my life events and at the same time live TV/Radio presenter’s conversations got synchronized with my life events. Synchronicities that I started seeing through the TV scripts were extremely hard to bear, I simply couldn’t go in front of the TV thinking they act and negatively talking about me. Therefore, someone could conclude that the intensity of mania would increase as the number of coincidental events or the observed patterns increased by an individual. In fact, I cannot use words to express how much anger and distress that scripts on TV shows brought me and I was paranoid too. Yet my extreme will kept me going and I still managed to logically analyze all these anomalous experiences that I was having. Looking back, it’s almost like a miracle that I managed to come up with a different explanation since from my perspective, I could not find a way to see these as synchronicities or a high number of meaningful events only that correlating with my life events and thoughts. 

Just imagine this scenario, a friend of yours come to meet you every day and give you hints related to the things you did that day or things that he should not know. It would not take time for you to notice these hints since he keeps on referring to your life every day, however, when you directly address this and clarify this from your friend, he would laugh at you and ask you whether you are crazy. (my friends literally asked me the same) You will be perplexed. Although your friend rejects your accusation, the synchronicities will continue. How do you understand if your friend is lying to you or not? No matter what you do, these meaningful events will keep on occurring just to fool you. From your perspective, how can you remotely think that it’s not intentional and the friend actually don’t know about the daily activities or your life events that he should not know? It’s almost impossible to find this out this because of the high number of synchronicities that you would face on a daily basis. Due to this tricky situation, human beings on Earth cannot understand the truth behind the Gangstalking phenomenon. People who have this belief are facing complicated synchronicities exhibiting a group stalking behavior on a daily basis. Not being able to understand that the actions performed by individuals are not intentional, they end up in believing the existence of the stalking group. A detailed explanation can be found in the following article:

From my experience, I clearly understood that human thoughts are being affected but it wasn’t visible to anyone. By critically analyzing human experiences and thoughts, it would become apparent to an investigator. The experience of this individual should further shed some light into how human thoughts are being affected without our awareness. This individual is experiencing the gangstalking phenomenon, which is again a false conclusion only due to the constant observation of meaningful events or synchronicities. Due to the way these events are occurring it’s evident that active surveillance is taking place by an intelligence. This will also address why these synchronicities are occurring in an extremely intelligent manner that is able to deceive people. Only a first-hand experiencer will understand this claim.

Case Study 2). The likelihood of happening this coincidence is very thin. Analyzing this synchronicity, it’s evident that thoughts are being affected and therefore their actions are being affected. Due to this reason, they have ended up in the same hospital.

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 9.07.20 PM


Case Study 3). Experience of another individual who has responded to the above thread:

Synchronicity M1


Case Study 4). Further synchronicities observed by the same individual:

Synchronicity M2


Case Study 5). Another individual’s response to the thread:

Synchronicities M3


Case Study 6). Another individual’s response to the same thread:

Synchronicities M4


Case Study 7). Another individual’s experience:

Synchronicity M5


Case Study 8). Another individual’s experience:

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 11.31.10 PM


Case Study 9). Another individual’s experience:

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 11.21.24 PM


Case Study 10). Another individual’s experience:

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 11.29.00 PM.png

Case Study 11). Another individual’s experience:

Synchronicity M6

Case Study 12). In my research related to synchronicities, I came across with this unique human experience, however, this is something you would remotely believe to have taken place. I took this specifically since this will to show how this synchronicity connects with the experiences of people who claim that they are being targeted by phenomenally advanced technology. You will not find a rational explanation for the below case. I’m also a firsthand experiencer of this strange phenomenon. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 12.41.59 AM


This individual’s experience shows clear correlations to the above experience:

Case Study 13). This is what Jonny Benjamin has to say about his experience: Synchronicities and predicting phenomenon are prevalent in this case. Mental illness cannot explain these observations.

Jonny Benjamin says:

“ I’d be a thinking of someone in my head and there they’d be on the street and it’s always. I still get it or they text me. Again ahead of the other day. I was actually talking to my friend about someone else hadn’t text me for ages. They text me. And this is why my mind is like oh my god I’m on the Truman show because you know all these things happen and you know song is playing in my head and it’s on the radio , it comes on the radio
I felt like I was being possessed by something else all the words that were coming out of my mouth it was like they weren’t my own and I was sort of pointing at people and just shouting, all the cars”

Case Study 14). Further, this is what happened to Tony’s delusions. Simply by challenging his views, this therapist has managed to cure the delusion. This also proves that delusions are again due to an erroneous conclusion only.  

(This study has been carried out at the Department of Psychology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU))

“Behavioural Experiment: Setting up a confrontation Next, the therapist approached Tony’s belief that a particular policeman led the persecution of him. This policeman had worked in the drug squad. Tony believed that because he had sold drugs this policeman hunted him. Tony’s delusion was based on an actual person, so the policeman (now living in another city) was contacted to see if he would meet with Tony. The therapist explained the background for this rather peculiar request to the policeman, and he agreed to meet them to answer specific questions Tony had prepared for him. The meeting was set up as a behavioral experiment, and Tony was given two tasks: To prepare concrete questions for the meeting, and to hypothesize how the policeman would look, behave, speak and answer his questions. The questions and hypotheses with the expected outcome were formulated as a questionnaire prior to the meeting. A tape recorder 17 was used during the meeting to ensure accuracy in later discussions between the therapist and Tony. As anticipated from the therapist’s phone call with the police officer, the officer proved to be competent and understanding and had no problems handling Tony’s questions and accusations. The meeting resulted in Tony becoming more certain that this policeman could not be a part of the plot against him.”

Since I understood that my brain areas related to thought perception and other areas are being affected and since I understood that synchronicities are the reason behind above delusions, I doubted about voices too. Here I made an assumption that the area related to human Auditory Cortex should be affected if the technology is behind voices. If voices are indeed due to a hidden technology, what are the observations that a person would expect to see? Therefore, this made me carry out another specific research to understand if voices would show abnormal abilities and these are my findings.

Case Study I: In this example the voices are able to imitate human voices, however, this should not happen. Therefore, it’s evident that the content of voice-hearing is also behind human delusions and distress.

“I am now happy to say that I still do hear voices, yes… and we get along great (and will forever continue to do so). My voices really helped me to become a better, stronger person, and sometimes they still do the devil voice when they are in a joking mood. Actually, they can do any voice they want (man, woman, child, God, devil, British guy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Mexican, someone I know, etc.). It’s a skill they have that I’ve learned to appreciate, and I find incredibly entertaining.”

Case Study II: I had dreams showing future events but this individual’s voices are telling the future. This helped me to identify the existence of predicting/prophetic phenomena when our brains get affected.

“they have also known things about to happen in the IMMEDIATE future… things already decided, that I am about to find out (literally just minutes before i find out); for example – they have told me of a phone call from so and so… just before it happened. they can see things nearby… that I have not yet seen, but will any minute …. eerie stuff… they have tried to use this to give the impression they can make these things happen, Oh… and they can also sense when i am about to get an SMS on my phone…. they try and claim responsibility for making the person send it”

Case Study III: Access to supernatural knowledge.

Voice hearer’s comment:

Raina Walks

“if i needed to get somewhere i did not know the directions to…they would literally lead me there without me having looked at a map…just with them directing me…it is heady stuff…”

Case Study IV: Voices are doing stress testing and talking about quantum computers.

“The voices constantly told me they were never leaving, and that I’d have to learn to deal with it. They told me that our entire society is inside of a quantum computer, and that we are all just lab rats, being studied by their people. In particular, they told me that I was being “stress tested” to see how stress affected my memory. The voices constantly asked me questions about my memory and asked what medications I was taking, whenever I took pills. I could hear these voices clear as day, as if through a radio of some kind. On a few occasions, I actually saw people that correlated with the voices, faint visual hallucinations. Mind you, prior to all of this, I led a fairly normal life with no history of psychosis or mental disorders, except mild PTSD and ADD.

Case Study V: I had dreams showing future events but this individual’s voices are telling the future. This helped me to identify the existence of predicting/prophetic phenomena when our brains get affected.

“My subliminal voice always kept me safe at dangerous times and safe from dangerous people. I always seemed to know most events in advance, and this protected me and my family from nasty stuff. But the voice also made me lose almost my whole capital at the age of 40, and showed me that I could start from scratch. And I did. At the age of 53 I re-started to medidate and I experienced qi cong resonance within a month. This seemed to help me a lot with my health issues. I have been hearing the voice since the last 6 years, and the voice tells me exactly what will happen in the future in different parts of the world, and it also tells me what my colleagues are up to.”

Case Study VI: I had dreams showing future events but this individual’s voices are telling the future. This helped me to identify the existence of predicting/prophetic phenomena when our brains get affected.

ford442 29-10-2009, 08:41

 “i have schizophrenia and i hear voices from time to time.. i find its easy on LSD to hear echoes of people’s voices you have heard recently.. like visual tracers – other senses leave the same brief sense memories.. hehe.. one time though the voices told me something i couldn’t have known – they informed me that the 9/11 attack was about to happen in new york.. ten days later it transpired… i don’t know what explains this – but it could have been something bleeding through from other living people’s thoughts i suppose..”

Case Study VII: I had dreams showing future events but this individual’s voices are telling the future. This helped me to identify the existence of predicting/prophetic phenomena when our brains get affected.

Medy Santiago December 2, 2015, 9:51 am

“I started hearing voices when I was in the 5th grade and continued through out my adult life. The voices would tell me things that were going to happen and it exactly happened the way I heard. I also experienced visions when being awake. And what I saw in my vision, I saw exactly on later.”

Case Study VIII: Access to supernatural knowledge.

cb November 2, 2015, 10:27 am

“I work third shift so I sleep during the day. I awoke to a male voice saying grandma. I scared me half to death. My heart was racing and I had a hard time falling back to sleep,because I was waiting to hear something about my grandmother. I was worried for them. I told my fiancé about it and he said it’s nothing. Well that night at work my friends uncle and grandmother passed within an hour of each other. What’s up with that? Was I supposed to warn her. And how was I supposed to know who? I’m just confused. I’ve kinda always knew when things were going to happen to my family, but no one else’s.”

Case Study IX: None of these might still convince you if my conclusion behind the cause of these synchronicities that I faced or the voices that human beings hear, are actually true, therefore, let me take this bizarre human experience to show that voices would also disappear at times without even taking medicine. Which means, neither delusions nor voices need medication to cure. 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)–Taiwan High Court Tuesday sentenced Kung Chung-an (龔重安) to life in prison for the murder of an eight-year-old school girl in Beiout District, Taipei in 2015.

Kung, 30, killed the girl, surnamed Liu (劉), by cutting her throat with a knife in May 2015. The Shilin District Court sentenced Kung to life in prison for the murder in February last year.

According to the district court, Kung sneaked into Wenhua Elementary School in Beitou by climbing over the wall, saw Liu going to the toilet alone, followed her and slit her throat. He then called the police to report the crime.

Kung said at the time that he had been suffering from auditory hallucinations, likely due to pressure, for more than two years. He said the hallucinations stopped after the murder.


Case Study X: The experience of Gretta Fahey shows that it’s not only voices in her head, but her body is also being controlled precisely against her will. She has also experienced forced speech, speech that produced from her mouth against her will. These experiences are completely ignored by the medical community when assessing these anomalous human experiences.

Neuroweapon Victim

Therefore, I found more evidence concluding the same, schizophrenia and the above delusions are due to a hidden technology that exists in the world without our awareness. If so this will address my observations, even the observations related to weather phenomenon(sudden rains), power disruptions, Internet disruptions, levitation, etc… and this must have been existing on Earth for thousands and thousands of years, it’s origin would be hard to imagine. If that is true, we have to conclude that an extremely advanced artificial intelligence is monitoring human activities through a satellite-grid. Way back in the past a group of human beings must have deployed this system for surveillance/control purposes. Which also mean that there must have been a highly advanced global society existed way back in the past but after some catastrophic events, these families must be running an invisible rule on Earth. Which is again like opening a can of worms thus requires more evidence. Thereafter, I continued my research to understand this mystery on Earth and this research gave me evidence that this technology has been existing on Earth for thousands and thousands of years without our knowledge. Further, I had to conclude that because of this technology, the UFO researchers also have ended up in having an erroneous conclusion and claim that aliens are visiting the Earth. This is why such theories again contradict when we analyze human experiences. Further insight into this mystery can be found here:

What conclusions can we draw from this anecdotal evidence? Here is the issue, we see evidence that on certain occasions human beings first have these delusional beliefs due to synchronicities and then later they start hearing voices. This has given a false impression to the psychiatrists, making them believe that the first condition is a mental illness, therefore, the voice hearing must also be due to the same condition, mental illness. But now we find the first assumption made by the psychiatrists is false. What can we say about the later condition which is hearing voices? Is it false too? In other words, if the delusions are erroneous conclusions only due to a high number of synchronicities, how come human beings hear voices just because they have ended up in having false beliefs? On top of it, we see evidence that sometimes voices are able to predict future events and imitate human voices. This evidence shows that neither voices are due to mental illness. Is that all? Due to these abnormal voices only today we see movies such as “The Matrix”, “Total Recall”, etc. Philip Dick also heard voices and his writings have been influenced by these strange voices that he heard. This is his story:

That said, even if we take the technology out of the equation, my experience should give an insight into how these patients can be treated. Nevertheless, this would be the tip of the iceberg. 

You may also read this experience related to Gangstalking. This is how he managed to recover from his delusions without seeking medicine: